Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Socks


This page answers the most frequently asked questions about dog socks. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us.

* First, A Note About Sizes

With the right size, the benefits of Power Paws dog socks will be beyond your wildest dreams! We will work with you to get that feeling! We offer a combined 13 sizes across 2 different foot shapes enabling us to say “Power Paws fit virtually all dogs.”  We have size guides by average weight, by breed, and by foot print, but just as not all people in your family have the same size feet, not all dogs of a particular breed have the same size feet! If what you get is not right, we’ll work with you to exchange. Important: If you are using the guides and the suggested sizes don’t make sense, please ask us for help!

* Three easy steps to the right fit (in this order)!

  1. Foot Shape: We offer products in 2 distinct foot shapes. A) The regular shape, defined by a pad group that is about the same length and width, is for most dogs, and B) The Greyhound Edition shape, defined by a pad group that is far longer than wide (more like people feet), typically for Sight hounds (like Greyhounds), scent hounds, poodles, and sometimes, the back paws of the working and herding breeds. Simply look at the pad group on a front and a back paw since they can be different.
  2. Foot Size: Follow the weight/breed guide for a good place to start, OR the footprint guide to be more precise. Most dogs have the same size paws front and back, but it IS possible for them to be a different size or shape.
  3. Customize as needed: for twisting caused by skinny ankles or legs, or when the Power Paws are a bit too large, start by washing in warm when you have laundry going. After that, dry on warm or air dry. If the socks are better but not quite perfect, call or email for information on using a self-sticking wrap.  **We do allow exchanges, even when socks have been tried on. Read on for more info, or call/email if you have questions.

Choosing The Right Type of Power Paws

Which product type is right for me? 

  • Original Power Paws (TM) – our original products have been available for more than 13 years. They work perfectly for more than 90% of dogs. This product line is going away make room for more products. Remaining original socks have been discounted, making them a great value. Color choices vary by size, but some options are still available in all sizes. Pick this for mostly indoor use.
  • Power Paws Advanced (TM) – created for dogs with long nails that need a more durable toe. Advanced products have extra stitching at the toe to keep nails from poking through. Soon, these will be our standard. Power Paws Advanced come in our 6 most popular colors, and the Greyhound Edition shape is available in black.
  • Power Paws Reinforced Foot (TM) – Our 3rd generation product is based on the reinforced toe concept, but extends the extra stitching through the entire foot area. The result is a product that is more durable overall, and perfect for abrasive surfaces like asphalt and sand plus rugged outdoor activities such as camping, field work, jogging, etc. Both foot shapes are available in black.

What is the difference in foot shapes? Which does my dog need?

The easiest way to tell what you need is to look at the pad group on the bottom of your dog’s paw. The foot shape is…

  • Regular”  if the pad group is about as long as it is wide (most breeds are here), or
  • Greyhound Edition” if the pad group is far longer than it is wide (Greyhounds, Poodles, Whippets, and the back paws on some working/herding breeds).


** IMPORTANT: Look at both the front and back pads!! Some breeds need two sizes or two shapes to get a good fit all around!

How do I choose the size that’s right for my dog?

All people in a family don’t have the same size or shape feet…and not all dogs of the same breed have the same feet either. See our detailed fit guide for more information on Regular and Greyhound foot shapes. *If needed, socks bought from us can be EXCHANGED for just a $5 exchange fee. We want you to have what works. Yes, you can exchange socks you have tried on!

Is there another way to determine size and shape? 

Yes! We have a footprint guide that can be found here (*link to the foot print guides here). Or give us a call so we can help. As always, you can trade for another size/shape if needed.

If your dog needs Power Pavs, then you are in the right place.

General Questions

How many Power Paws socks are in a package?

Four socks come in a package. Depending on your pet’s need, you can use just 1, 2, 3, or all 4 at once. If you need four, you have them! If you don’t, you have spares!

If my dog needs two sizes or two shapes, do I need to buy 2 packages?

Yes. To get the best fit, you may need to buy 2 packages. But in doing so, you will have spares… some to wear and some to wash, or some for inside and some for outside, etc.

Our Power Paws fit great on two paws, but not the other two. What does that mean?

Many breeds have different size (or shape) paws in the front and back! Other breeds have skinny ankles/legs in the back. If the difference is significant, you may need two sizes or two shapes to get a proper fit. If you do, you will need to purchase two packages, but with 4 socks for the front, and 4 socks for the back, you will have some to wash and some to wear, or some for inside and some for outside, etc.

What are Power Paws generally used for? Can I use them outside?

Power Paws have many indoor as well as outdoor uses. Indoor uses include traction, wound care, fashion, and floor protection. Outdoor uses include protecting paws from heat, snow, and allergens. Our Power Paws Reinforced Foot products will certainly help with wear outdoors. Power Paws are also easy to care for and can be washed and dried in a machine with other laundry.

  • For snow, spray the socks with waterproof spray (like Scotch Guard). When dry, enjoy the protection from frostbite, snow build up, ice cuts, and salt. Reapply spray as needed after washing.
  • In extreme heat, as well as sand and hot pavement, Power Paws protect a dog’s feet from burns.  No extra spray or protection is needed on the socks.
  • For dogs with allergies, wear Power Paws while walking through dust, dirt, grass, or pollen, then remove them upon returning home. The allergens are on the sock, NOT touching your dog’s pads. If allergens don’t touch the pad, they don’t itch. No itching means no licking and biting, which means nothing needs to heal!

Do you offer any products other than Power Paws socks?

We offer our Power On tool which helps one person put all four socks on in 15 to 20 seconds!

How can I place an order?

  1. By Web – processed through Stripe, we take all credit/debit cards. Orders generally ship the same day if ordered by 2:00 Pacific.
  2. By Phone – we accept all credit/debit cards and generally ship the same day if ordered by 2:00 Pacific. Call us at 877-737-3545 from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday Pacific/California time.

I have just ordered Power Paws. When will they arrive?

We use USPS First Class Mail for standard shipments. Orders generally arrive to US locations in 2 to 4 business days and locations around the globe in 5 to 12 business days. We’ll do our part and get them on their way to you quickly. All orders come with tracking and an estimated arrival date. See our Shipping Policy for more information. For immediate, local-to-you purchases, see our growing list of global retail locations.

Do you ship internationally? 

We ship globally every day! So far, we have shipped to 58 countries! Shipping charges do vary based on distance. Our shipping chart gives detailed information about costs and expectations for global delivery.

Fit Questions (*also see the video above)

 The socks I received definitely look too small. Did I order the right size?

Looks can be deceiving! Power Paws should look too small for your dog. Despite the appearance, please try one on your dog. You will be surprised at how they stretch to become the size of the foot. Trying the socks on will not affect your ability to exchange or return them.

  • The fit is good if you can put it on your dog and then put your finger in the sock. A proper fit is a snug, stretched sock allowing the elastic to hold the sock in place.See the video at the top of this page or you can watch it on YouTube by clicking the link below:
  • The sock is too small if you can’t stretch it enough to put it on your dog’s foot.  Call to exchange for a larger size.
  • The sock fit is close if it rotates or takes a while to come off.  Customize the fit by washing in warm when you do laundry. See #3 in the next question.
  • The sock is too big if it falls off quickly.  Call to exchange for a smaller size.

Our Power Paws twist or fall off. What can we do?

Twisting generally happens because the elastic in the leg/ankle is not stretched to hold. In finding the right fit…

  1. First, we care about the shape of the foot. Does the grip shape on the sock match well to the pad shape of the paw?
  2. Next, we care about the foot size. Is the sock stretched to hold in the foot area? Watch the video on fit above.
  3. Finally, IF the foot is right, we don’t want to change size or shape…let’s customize the fit! To do that, machine wash in warm, and air dry. If you need more shrink, machine wash and dry on warm. Still need more? Try a self-sticking wrap (“self sticking” on the package). Find it in the first aid section of drug stores, sporting goods stores, and even large grocery stores. This wrap often comes in 1, 2, or 4 inch width, so if needed, cut a strip appropriate for the size of the dog (1/2 inch for a Chihuahua to 1 inch for a Lab, etc.). Put the strip on the leg above the first bend (ankle). Go around the leg 3-4 times  in the same circle (not too tight), and secure back to itself. Put the sock on TOP of the wrap! This thickens the leg, gives the elastic in the sock a reason to stretch to hold, and the rubber in the wrap is a nice surface for the elastic in the sock to grip. **IF the foot is wrong (shape or size), call us at 877-737-3545 to exchange.

Will the Power Paws stay on?

Absolutely, IF they are the right size and shape! The cotton material was chosen for comfort. The elastic ensures a snug, custom fit that stays on.  With the right size, even a 3 year old lab, running and playing will keep her socks on because the elastic is stretched enough.

Will my dog keep them on? 

Generally, yes!  Power Paws are light and comfortable, they fit like skin, plus they allow dogs to walk normally! We don’t use Velcro or buckles because dogs hate those. In addition, our size and shape options ensure a snug fit for any size or shape paw. Even dogs that hate having their paws touched generally do not try to take them off. Simply, there is nothing in the sock that bothers them!

Is it normal for a dog to shake his paw or stand motionless when Power Paws are first put on?

Occasionally, yes. If your dog is not used to having socks or shoes on his feet, he may react this way. It is temporary! Our testimonials and customer videos show that most dogs adapt to Power Paws in seconds.  For others, it may take a minute.  To help your dog adapt, encourage movement by walking with him, calling him to come to you, throwing a favorite toy, or giving him a treat! Dogs learn quickly that Power Paws are GOOD! If your dog needs them for traction or mobility, don’t be surprised if your dog WANTS them on.

How do I wash & Care for Power Paws?

When your Power Paws get dirty or wet, just throw them in the washing machine! Power Paws can be washed just like clothes. If the fit is right, we recommend permanent press or gentle cycle with cold water and drying on low to avoid shrinkage. For a little shrink to help with twisting, machine wash in warm water, then air dry. If you need a little more, wash them on warm and dry on warm.  This stepped approach to customizing takes a little longer but is designed to give you the best fit.

Can I exchange what doesn’t fit? What is the the return/refund policy?

  • Exchanges can be done by calling ahead or sending an email. Call us and we can send the exchanged items immediately (without waiting for yours to come back first).  A $5.00 fee (US) or a $15.00 fee (international) covers return postage and handling, and you get a new set for no additional charge.
  • Refunds are done for items purchased directly from us. Up to 30 days after purchase, mail clean, gently tested item(s) and complete packaging to: Woodrow Wear Returns, PO Box 8528, San Jose, CA 95155. Please include a note that you want a refund, and mention your order number please. After 30 days, returns may be subject to a research/restocking/incomplete item fee. **Partial refunds are given for items returned dirty or with damaged/missing packaging.

Retail Locations & Retail Interest

Are Power Paws available in my area?

frequently asked questions about dog socks
Where are my dog socks? 🙁

There are a growing number of pet retailers, vets, boutique stores, groomers, and other locations across the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK carrying the Power Paws line of products. If your local retailer, veterinarian, or service provider does not carry them, please suggest they contact us so they can! Check here for a current list of global retailers. If there is no retailer near you, purchase direct from our web or by calling 877-737-3545 or 669-235-5029. We ship globally every day from our California location.

I’m a pet products retailer or pet services provider (vet, groomer, chiropractor, therapist, etc.) with a brick/mortar location and/or my own web. Can I sell Power Paws in my shop?

Yes. We offer a Wholesale Program with benefits such as special pricing, Try-on (sizing) socks, and a sock exchange program. You can also contact us by phone at 877-737-3545 or email us for to join the Woodrow Wear family. **We are not currently taking new resellers for Amazon.