Three Legged Dogs

Three-legged dogs can really benefit from Power Paws non-slip dog socks, something we learned from our customer, Cynthia, who shared her experience with us and with TriPawds, an online community for owners of 3-legged dogs (and cats). Here’s what Cynthia, and other customers with TriPawds have to say about Power Paws:

Customer Testimonials

Non Slip Dog Socks on Clementine, Tri-Pawd
In 2009, Clementine was hit by a car. Several surgeries, therapies, and a year later, it still hadn’t healed so Clementine is now a 3-1/2 legged dog. She’s got a prosthetic leg, she’s no longer in constant pain, and Power Paws give her that extra traction to get around easily now. Clementine’s on her way to being a therapy dog again! My Tri-pawd dog is happier inside with them…no more sliding around on the tile and hardwoods. — Robyn & Clementine
My yorkie, Harley is only 5 pounds. His right front leg has been amputated due to an injury. He is very tentative on floors that are not carpeted. Power Paws gave him his confidence AND mobility back. Thanks from all the 3-legged dog owners! — Michelle & Harley (Yorkshire Terrier)
Power Paws help Isabelle get around after her amputation.I originally purchased a pair of Power Paws for Isabelle because she had arthritis. The traction they provided on hardwood floors was terrific. Last week Isabelle had her rear leg amputated. She was getting up on her own and able to get to her favorite places, involving several stairs, 24 hours after surgery while wearing her socks. I have no doubt the Power Paws gave her the confidence to walk and enjoy her life again. I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful product and unmatched customer support.” — Cynthia & Isabelle
Power Paws for a Three-Legged DogPower Paws are simply *BRILLIANT!* My 13 year old three-legged dog is safe, secure and confident on any surface, including cold, frozen winter sidewalks! Woodrow Wear’s customer support is unmatched and so refreshing! P.S. Thanks for making the new black socks!! I’m going to order those soon. – Cynthia & Isabelle

Here’s Cynthia’s Isabelle, a three-legged dog getting around in her Power Paws.


TriPawds published two great and useful reviews of Power Paws non-slip socks for dogs on its TriPawds Gear site, which is full of great products for 3-legged dogs and advice for their owners.

“For three legged dogs with a tendency to slip on slick floors, Power Paws provide comfortable, affordable traction indoors.”Better Traction Indoors with Power Paws Dog Socks

“A Mighty Tool in a Small Package…[Power Paws] stayed up on him, didn’t slip and looked just as good when we took them off…We like how they’re small enough to put in a pocket, purse or wallet.”Tripawds Reviews: Power Paws Non-Slip Dog Socks

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