Power Paws Original

These are our original Power Paws products. They were created to give older dogs mobility and traction indoors. They went outdoors the first month we launched (over 7 years ago), and the new applications just kept coming! Original Power Paws have proven useful for 92-92% of dogs. (The few having issues all had the same issue — the nails poking through the end. For those dogs, we created our Advanced line).

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All original Power Paws products have a retail cost of $16.00 per set of 4 socks. If you need all 4 socks, they are in the package. If you need fewer, you will have spares. We also have an original product on clearance for $12.00 per set. The clearance item tends to be seasonal, but it could be anything! The current clearance design is our American flag pattern.

Indoor uses include traction and mobility, warmth, and wound care. They are also a fun fashion statement! Outdoors, use Power Paws all year ’round! In the winter, use for snow (including ice and salt). Spring and fall, they are perfect for dust, dirt, grass and pollen allergies. In the summer heat, Power Paws were tested to nearly 300 degrees!

Original Power Paws come in multiple sizes and colors. NOTE: Original Power Paws are not being reordered, so color choices are shrinking. More color options can be found in our Advanced line.
— Original Power Paws (regular foot shape) come in 8 sizes and up to 11 colors. Click on any of the colors below to see sizes that are available.
— Original Power Paws Greyhound Edition are gone and not being replaced. Choose from Power Paws Greyhound Edition in Advanced or Reinforced Foot .

Note: The easiest way to determine foot shape is to look at the pad group on the bottom of your dog’s paw. Check front and back pads because many breeds need two sizes or two shapes for the best fit.
—-> Pick Regular foot shape if the pad group is about as long as it is wide, or
—-> Pick Greyhound Edition if the pad group is far longer than it is wide.

Ready to order Original Power Paws? Pick a color/design from those below. On the product page, pick from available sizes. *Not all colors have all sizes available. For more selection, see Advanced colors which are available in all sizes!

— Want to order by foot shape? Choose Regular foot shape or Greyhound Edition.

— Prefer to order by durability? Original Power Paws are suitable for most dogs. Power Paws Advanced have a reinforced Toe. Power Paws Reinforced Foot are the most durable because the whole foot is reinforced.

— Looking for our clearance option? The current clearance design is the American flag pattern.

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Showing all 11 results