Outdoor Uses

Protection from Heat, Cold & Allergens

Power Paws can be used for paw protection for wounds

The grip material and the socks insulate dog’s feet from heat or cold and offer a barrier to allergens. Because Power Paws dog socks are machine washable, your dog can easily wear them outdoors as well as indoors.

Protection against salt, snow, and ice. Spray Power Paws with a couple coats of waterproofing spray (like Scotchguard). Let the socks dry, then enjoy the outdoors with your dog! No snow clumping in the pads, no ice cutting the feet, no salt getting in the wounds, and no frostbite.

Protection against extreme heat. Power Paws protect against burns from hot pavement, sand, etc. Summer heat does not affect the grip material, and the socks insulate your dog’s feet from the heat.

A barrier against allergens. Many dogs are allergic to dust, dirt, grass, and pollen. Licking the paws, and biting the feet are a sign that your dog has these allergies. Power Paws can help! When the dog comes back inside, remove the Power Paws to remove the problem. Your dog has no need to lick his feet. He won’t ingest what he is allergic to, and nothing has to heal!

Here’s how some of our customers use Power Paws dog socks to protect their dog’s feet from weather-related conditions:

Chiefer Wears Power Paws OutsideChiefer is a herding (and service) dog in Arizona. Our herding environment is hard ground, and in the summer, it’s hot enough to burn his paws. That, plus starts and stops of the activity are hard on Chiefer’s paws. Power Paws help, although we’re going through them quickly. Please make a more durable herding sock! Actually, we’re happy to have them and will continue to use them. Thank you.— Brenda and Chiefer






Skye Wears Power PawsWith the pavement/sidewalks so hot in Arizona now, I got out Skye’s red, white and blue socks and off we went. I get a lot of great comments about them. Love that I don’t have to worry about Skye’s feet burning.— Linda




Geronimo the Service Dog in Power PawsMy service dog and I are in love with your socks, and we’ve told all our service dog friends about them. In Oklahoma, our dogs have lots of extreme weather to deal with, and leaving their feet uncovered isn’t fair to them. Summers here reach 110 +, and the pavement scalds their feet! With his socks on, Geronimo isn’t phased! They are so much easier than heavy and badly-fitting boots, they just slip on, and we go! Thank you!— Alysianne and Geronimo


Eugenia's Dog Wears NonSlip Dog SocksThey kept his feet warm on a cold day, and stayed on while he ran around outside, too. Thanks! .–Eugenia





Lab Mix Wearing NonSlip Socks for DogsSnapper (white and black lab/mix) is 10 and has issues with the cold and snow. -Should be helpful against frost bite. My other baby, Nestle always likes to be a fashion statement but they also help her get up from slippery floors (bad arthritis). Thank-you again for your helpful product. — Jennifer





Power Paws Dog Socks in the SnowWe bought Chloe the Power Paws for the days that it would be sub-zero outside. She has been wearing them for the snow as they keep the snow from sticking to her little feet. They stay on her feet even when she is running thru the snow. A great alternative for dogs who will not wear boots! — Eileen



Freddy Wears Non Slip Power Paws Dog SocksThe socks came today and fit perfectly. My dog is allergic to bee stings so I got these to protect his feet. He doesn’t mind wearing them. Thank you for size XXS.— Maryanne