Resources & Links

We really enjoy these dog-related resources, and we hope you do, too. If you have any you’d like to share, please email us with your links.

Fun Dog Sites

Caring for Senior Dogs

Help going up the stairs...
Help going up the stairs…


Dog Health

  • Overall Dog Health – This page from the AKC provides many changing articles related to dog health.
  • Tick-Transmitted Diseases – Information on Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and other diseases that come from tick bites, plus how to remove a tick.

Research Sites dedicated to Dog Health

Dog Safety

  • Microchips – some questions and answers about microchips
  • Finding a Lost Pet – what to do when your pet is missing
  • Dog Tags – Custom identification tags (dog tags) in all shapes and sizes

Dog First Aid

Dog Care in Extreme Weather

  • Winter Care – 15 tips and info for care in cold weather
  • Summer Safety Tips – tips and info for care in warm or hot weather, including travel, and water safety.

Traveling with your Dog

Dog Behavior & Training

Humane Societies

Dog Breed Info & Dog Clubs

  • American Kennel Club– lots of info on breeds, clubs, events, health, news
  • Dog Breed Info – a nice combined resource center for lots of general info
  • Small Dog Breed Info – a nice collection of information, about smaller dog breeds, their behaviors, health care needs, and more.
Big dogs and little dogs out for a walk.
Big dogs and little dogs out for a walk.