Customer Reviews for Power Paws

Woodrow Wear CEO, Lorraine Walston, created Power Paws for her Rottweiler, Woodrow, who suffered with canine arthritis and hip dysplasia. Our uses and applications include the original use — traction, plus outdoor uses and specialty needs like…


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    Sherman The Therapy Dog.Sherman The Therapy Dog is an ALMOST 2 yr old, 230 lb, Old English Mastiff. His work sometimes takes him to hot climates. We are so very thankful to have found these! The first company who actually had a size that fit and stayed put!! We need these for when Sherman has to walk on hot pavement. Love them!! And the customer service?? AMAZING!!! — Sherman The Therapy Dog


    Woodrow, a mini dachsund, stops scratching floors.When I read the reviews of Power Paws, they are all about dogs being able to navigate wooden floors in a better and safer way. I am coming at this from a different perspective. Our dog has a neurological condition, commonly known as “light chasing.” He will claw light and shadow on floors, cupboards and furniture. We recently moved back into our newly renovated apartment and were terrified at the damage this little 10-lb dog could do to the new construction. Power Paws socks have saved our hardwood floors and cabinetry from irreparable damage. We have several pairs for Woodrow ( love that fact that these are Woodrow Wear socks…automatically monogramed just for him). The orders are trouble free and arrive promptly. I cannot say enough good things about Woodrow Wear and the $ in potential damage and repairs that the socks have saved us.— Suzanne & Woodrow (Mini-Dachsund)


    Hallie, a long-haired dachsund, wears Power Paws dog socks.Hallie is 13 years old and blind and deaf. She has made the most of her “disabilities” though, doing K9 Nosework and she also paints and sells her paintings for rescue. She’s been on several TV Shows now and sells her art around the world. She has a harder time getting around not being able to see and slick floors make her a little hesitant. So we put on her socks and it gives her the extra confidence boost to navigate. Plus they are so cute on her! — Dee Dee & Hallie (Long-Haired Dachsund)


    Rosie the Malti-Poo Wears Power Paws Socks” I can’t say enough about the great service Lorraine, Woodrow Wear, provided in getting the socks to us in Canada as quickly as possible. Rosie is happily running around the house again and when she stops quickly she doesn’t go sliding. These socks are super…not to mention extremely cute! Thank you, Lorraine. — Gloria & Rosie (Malti-poo)


    Collie Taz Wears Greyhound Style Power Paws SocksHere is my “elf lord” wearing the greyhound docks that came in today. I think once I wash them they will stay in the correct position better. But I love them because of his long skinny legs and the two protruding toes. The others come off too easy. I would definitely recommend the greyhound type for collies. — Angela & Taz (Collie)


     Bella the Dog in Green Power PawsI wanted to send you this picture of my grand-dog in his Woodrow Wear socks…we loved them!!! — Kelly


     Bella the Dog in Green Power PawsBella LOVES and Thanks YOU Woodrow Wear!!!! ???? — Ren-Lor Veterinary and Bella


     Molly the Dog in Pink Power PawsMolly loves wearing her new Power Paws! She is able to walk easier and has much more confidence! Thank you so much!!!! We are so pleased with her socks and so is she. (They were sliding around on her so we shrunk them a bit and they fit great now!) — Nina and Molly


     Kiley the Dog in Halloween Power PawsKiley is ready for Halloween! Thank you W.W. you truly have made life on these floors a joy!!! ???? — Jody and Kiley


    Our 15 year old Golden, Kelsey, suffered a FCE (Fibrocartilaginous embolism) it was very difficult for her to walk on bare floors. From the moment she first had her Power Paws on, you could see that she felt more secure and confident in her walking. We tested them out today on a Therapy Dog visit to a local hospital…they worked wonders. She was able to handle their tile floors with no problem…and everyone loved her cute socks ???? A lot of people wanted to know what kind of socks they were (they needed them too)…we gave them your name. ???? Excellent product and excellent customer service! — Ann and Kelsey (Golden Retriever)


    My daughter sent me a pair of your Power Paws in the mail for our beloved 16 year old Bichon. He has started to have problems standing up and walking on our tile floors. These socks helped immediately. He also tolerates them very well. Love your product so much that I just ordered 2 additional sets. — Maggie and Preston (Bichon)


    Daisy the Papillon in Dog SocksThese socks are just wonderful! If you have a Cocker Spaniel with furry feet, you may want to try the Medium size rather than going by weight. Our Winston weighs 35 lbs and the Medium is perfect. Also, I turn down the top of the socks like Bobby socks – they stay snug and never come off of either dog. — Carol, Winston & Daisy (American Cocker Spaniel & Papillon)


    Rooby Relaxing in Power Paws Traction Dog SocksRooby is 13 yrs young, with back & neck issues. Power Paws give her mobility without slipping on our floors. Thank you for improving her quality of life!— Hope and Rooby


    Gretchen Wearing Power Paws on Hardwood FloorsGretchen is enjoying getting around as well without sliding. I am happy to recommend your product to all our puppy and senior puppy friends. Thanks for a terrific product and wonderful service. We sincerely appreciate it.— Janet and Gretchen


    Thanks for the quick shipment! Now our pup can get back to living with her new fancy socks!— Jen


    Toffee is wearing Power Paws and they are fantastic. He is waglking so much better with them. Great product! Thank you so much.— Joann


    Hey Woodrow Wear! We’re hearing great things about your socks! They work great for dachshunds who are “tractionally challenged”. Thanks for making such a great product!— The team at Dachshund Lovers of Texas


    I ordered Power Paws for our 7 yr old blind Black Lab to help with weak hips. He was sliding on our hardwood floors and “wiping out” on occasion since he had no traction. My PayPal account had an old address (we move a lot since I’m in the military). I contacted Lorraine re-shipped immediately, and free of charge, without waiting for the others to come back. Biscuit now has sure footing and is doing great. Great product, great company! Don’t hesitate to purchase from them.— Tom


    Power Paws worked great for my puppy Ally. With the socks on Ally doesn’t scratch her ears anymore. Not to mention they look pretty cool!— Debbie


    Peppers Sleeps in Her Power PawsThis is Pepper. He’s so happy he has the freedom to be able to get up and walk around on his own. Thank you again for giving our dog his life and dignity back! P.S. He’s a hit getting around at the vet’s office!— Sharon, Randy, and Pepper


    She was standing on her rug where we feed her. We have to have the rug there, or she wouldn’t be able to stand. Her legs, especially her back legs, would slide out from underneath her. You can see she is afraid to walk off the rug. If you listen carefully, you can hear her whimper. Poor baby :’-(— LyndaCheck out this “before” and “after” video from Lynda!


    Amazing!!! You are indeed most wise !! I used a Coban-like material and wrapped the leg as you recommended. His Power Paws socks STAYED ON!!! Woo Hoo! Thank you.— Dave


    Non Slip Dog Socks for Pia Pia the PugWe have tired many socks to protect Pia Pia’s paws, stop her from slipping, and protect others when her nails need clipping. NONE, have worked like Power Paws! They stay comfortably on her feet, and she doesn’t even know she’s wearing them. These socks are the best!! And the different varieties ensure a match to every outfit.— Dawn


    I appreciate your help and I do want you to know that these are the greatest socks. My dog, Sadie really likes them and they give her needed traction and confidence on the uncarpeted floors in our home. Great product.— Ann and Sadie


    Lil Bit in Pink Dog SocksLil’ Bit was so weak she couldn’t walk in our home – even from carpet to carpet. With Power Paws, she can walk again!! It’s amazing, but because she’s walking, she’s regained some strength in her legs. I can say with all sincerity that Power Paws have not only extended her life, but improved her life, as well. Thanks again.— Lynda


    Power Paws for a German Shepard with Geriatric MyopathyBeau, our 13 year old German Shepherd received his patriotic Power Paws today. Beau has geriatric myopathy and walking on wood floors is a scary for him. He was having a bad day, slipping and falling due to weakness in his hind limbs, but your paws arrived and they giving him the confidence and ability to walk on the wood floors again. Thanks,— Winifried


    Power Paws for a Chow Chow with Knee SurgeryMy 13 year-old baby girl Shea, a Chow-Chow, Shiba-Inu mix had an accident a couple years ago that required knee surgery. Ever since, her legs have been unstable (think Bambi on ice). Besides her age, and her leg issues, we just moved into a place with all wood floors and I knew we had to do something. Our vet suggested Power Paws and I placed the order immediately despite laughs from my fiancée. They arrived in a day or two (great service). Shea walked like a Clydesdale for 30 seconds then walked perfectly normally and smiled! She moves better, and can lay down and stand again with ease. She enjoys walking on the floors now! The question now is not if I will order more, but when and how many ???? Thank you from the bottom of our paws!!— Jen and Shea


    Power Paws for a Big Dog Who Slipped on FloorsMy brother and sister-in-law saw Power Paws on TV in San Diego. Alerted me to your company/product. I ordered immediately. After a quick exchange for a bigger size, Lakota is getting around, getting up, etc. all much easier. We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.— Karen and Lakota


    Canine Assisted Therapy would like to thank Woodrow Wear for sending us several pairs of their Power Paws! These socks are wonderful for protecting the feet of our therapy dogs from bacteria when they are in hospitals and nursing homes. Thank you so much! :->— Debra


    Thanks Woodrow Wear! Our dog has stitches on his foot, and your socks mean that he doesn’t have to wear the “Cone of Shame”!– Chris


    Power Paws for a Paw BiopsyLulu is sporting her Woodrow Wear, LLC Power Paws after her paw biopsy. She is still recovering, but she is happy to be home.


    Just to let you know that I took Sid to his hospital ward today and he did great in his new Woodrow Wear socks! No problem at all walking or getting up from lying down on the slick floors.–Judy


    Zoe is sooo pleased with her new socks. I’m going to take the packaging to our local pet supply shop and recommend they carry them.– Bill, Marg and of course Zoe!


    Rebel Wearing Power PawsYour service is outstanding, even with a 4 hour time difference! As for the Power Paws, Rebel did not argue or have any problems getting up right away and walking with them. He has no interest in trying to take them off at all – of course we did put them in the dryer to warm them up before putting them on him! ? Thank you!-Cheryl, Canada


    Hare Footed Dog in NonSkid Socks for DogsThank you for the replacement pair. The customer service was outstanding. You can see where I put Velcro straps to hold them up as she has very skinny legs.— Helen“Helen – We are officially talking to the manufacture about a sock specifically designed for your and every hare-footed dogs need!” – Lorraine, Woodrow Wear


    German Shepherd, Raven, Wearing NonSkid Socks for DogsBefore my last dog passed away, I spent hundreds of dollars on chiropractic work, acupuncture, etc, because he was slipping all over my laminate floors. He got to the point where he was afraid to walk on the floors at all. I put runners everywhere, but it wasn’t a solution, When my newly adopted two-year-old German Shepherd, who was still had a lot of muscle waste from neglect, began slipping on the floors, I knew I had to act fast. Power Paws were not around for my last dog, but thankfully they are for Raven and I am so pleased! What a difference this makes in her ability to get around. I am so grateful for Lorraine at Woodrow Wear, who saw the seriousness of this problem and acted on it —creating a wonderful product. Thank you! — Rhonda & Raven


    The socks are a perfect assistant for Max’s bad hips and back feet, and great inside the house. -Can’t stress how much this has helped him with his mobility problems. Thanks for bringing such a useful product to market. Power Paws are another tool we now have to make Max’s limited time with us so much more comfortable for him, which means a lot to us. — Teresa, Max & Becca


    Modeling NonSlip Dog SocksYour customer service is outstanding! My pup appreciates the product Power Paws. — Ileane


    10-year old Kovu knew only carpeted flooring until a move landed us in a rental with super-shiny laminated floors. Without Power Paws he couldn’t figure out how to walk in the new place, and slipped nearly every time he tried to stand up. The socks helped him find his footing instantly, and he’s now able to dash around excitedly whenever he wants. Most importantly – they gave him the confidence he needed to walk “barepaw” again. A great product! — Sara, West Virginia


    Thrilled! – I received my order of Power Paws in the mail yesterday. Had them on all 4 paws last night and I was able to throw the ball on the tile floor and she did not slip and slide one time! — Kristi


    Thank You so much for caring about animals and producing a quality product for them! Actions, will always speak louder than words =) — Ms. S.


    They really are super useful – it is kinda interesting because she had the toenail removed four weeks ago with bandaging and the like, and she was not good about leaving it alone, went to the e collar etc. But than she had the digit surgery last week and the Woodrow socks went on that Friday, and she has completely left it alone! I don’t know if the “security” of the sock, or the fit, or just the style, makes her more comfortable, but she has not had to wear the e-collar! So she is much much happier with her socks- I envision this healing process to be about four-five weeks, so am glad I found them! — Dana


    Socks for Dogs in the SnowI have to say I was thrilled when I came in the house with her after our snowy walk and didn’t have to go through the whole process of cleaning her paws – just had to unhook her leash, take the Power Paws off of her, and send her up the stairs! Wonderful! — Lisa


    Not only do you have the best product you have the fastest service. I can see Otis will need to have socks for all the seasons. — Melinda


    Mickey Customer Testimonial for Power PawsI truly appreciate your being willing to make this exchange for us. Good customer service is a rare thing these days and a gift when you can find it. You have a wonderful product and we are grateful to have found you. —Tara & Mickey


    Kona wears Power Paws socks for dogs.After a struggle getting them on, she (we) ran, jumped from the couch to the chair, played some fetch, and rolled around! She got them a little twisted around but they never came off. Finally “we” settled down enough to get a picture. — Laurie & Kona


    Dog Sock WearerLittle Bean just loves her socks! She’s very fashionable!-Keith, Surprise, AZ


    Dog Sock WearerEllie here. I love my socks… wanna see?????-Tawnya (for Ellie who doesn’t type), Citrus Heights, CA


    Otto got these Power Paws as a gift. He loves them, and is so comfortable in them.-Larry, Sioux Falls, SD


    Kringle, our lab, drags his rear feet and has developed sores on them. The Power Paws we got help him with traction, and ease the sores too! Thanks!-Janet, Fairfax, VA


    Senior Dog, Hank, in NonSlip Dog SocksI just want to say how much I love my new socks and how helpful they are for an old fellow like me!! I turned 14 years old last Easter Sunday!! I was having a pretty tough time getting up until Anne put on these colorful socks!! Thank-you so very much!! I will tell all my friends!! Woof woof!! Love, Hank!! — Anne & Hank


    Grrrr was able to walk freely around the house, move easily when he wanted to, and join the family in all our activities. Thank you! — Amy, Dallas


    Boxer, Captain, wears Traction Treads.Captain is my beloved 10 year old boxer. I just sold my home and bought a motor home so we can travel. The motor home has linoleum floors, and when we’re moving, Captain can’t get his footing. I put Power Paws on him, and the stability problem was eliminated. THANK YOU. — Perry, Los Angeles


    Smoky, a yellow labrador and wearer of our dog socks.Smokey, my high-energy 3 year old Lab, runs everywhere. He runs inside the house. He runs outside the house. Unfortunately, on the tile and linoleum floors, he runs right into the cabinets, and has broken the doors on three of them. We tried Power Paws, and what a difference. Smokey can still run, but now, he doesn’t slide. No more broken cabinet doors. Thank you!! — Dwight, Denver, CO


    German Shepard, Rocky, wears Traction Treads, too.Rocky, my German Shepherd, never goes to sea without his Power Paws. He loves the extra traction and stability on the boat. I love not having to worry about him falling off, even when we’re moving! — Ron, Bethel Island