Greyhounds & Hare-Footed Breeds

Power Paws non-slip dog socks are great for all dogs, but Greyhounds, Poodles, Whippets, and other dogs with hare-feet need Power Paws Greyhound Edition.

Here some of our customers with hare-footed dogs talk about Power Paws.

Taylor, the Greyhound, in Power PawsTaylor loves her Power Paws! She is quite a tomboy believe it or not, I know… she’s too pretty to be so rough… lol… but she is always getting cuts or scrapes and has even torn the skin between her pads, just while running and playing in the back yard. These socks are the best ever to keep her feet clean and dry while her boo-boos heal. And isn’t she just marvelous in them!!!???
— Cyndi & Taylor (Greyhound)


Oscar, a Pug Mix, in Non Slip Dog SocksOur Oscar has a “Hare foot” I would never have known this before checking this site. He also seems to have a very large foot according to the sizes mentioned here. I ordered him a large and it fits him perfectly. Lorraine could not believe his foot was that size because he is a relatively smaller dog (Pug Mix) but our Oscar is different and the sock fits.
— Carol & Oscar (Pug Mix)


Rosie the Greyhound in Non Slip Dog SocksRosie will be 12 next month, and has become so fearful of hard surfaces. We have throw rugs everywhere to help her! The Power Paws have helped so much. She still doesn’t quite believe it, but she is able to walk without splaying, what a blessing!!! — Wally & Rosie (Greyhound)


Apris the Standard Poodle Wears Non Slip Dog SocksMy standard poodle, Apris (age 13), is a fashionista in her new Power Paws. She is a therapy dog and did an entire visit (an hour) on linoleum floors and did not slip once. Many residents at the care centers have commented on her beautiful socks! Thank you. Enjoy the photos of Apris wearing her functional and attractive socks. — Pamela & Apris (Standard Poodle)


Without her socks, my aging grey just can’t manage the hardwood stairs. I only wish the grippy pattern circled the entire sock. — Carla & Cara (Greyhound)


Australian Shepherd Dolly Wears Non Slip Dog SocksDolly is 16 years old and her back legs (especially the left leg) have started to get weak and she was falling on my wood floors. I had as many rugs around as possible so I decided to purchase Power Paws. She’s like a new dog! Her traction is so much better and her confidence has boosted! She’s getting up more often and walking around. Love this product…and so does she!
— Peggy & Dolly (Australian Shepherd)


Jazz the Greyhound in Dog SocksMy 11 year old greyhound Jazz attended a fund raiser for Humane Society Silicon Valley in December; they have very slick floors that she could not stay upright on. Fortunately, I had greyhound Power Paws in my car, which enabled her to enjoy the event! — Mary & Jazz (Greyhound)


Just bought a pair for my greyhound, Ayden, after receiving a set as a donation for the GPA/Three Rivers Greyhounds Helping Hounds Pasta Buffet. They are awesome! Ayden will not cross slick flooring. We have to carry him across the floor in Petco to do Meet and Greets. These are the perfect solution! This is a great product. — Sandy & Ayden (Greyhound)


Every summer since I got Petey, eventually he’d start licking his back paws until they were raw. Only in the summer. Only his back paws. I thought at the time that he had some kind of topical allergy, and I’d take him to the vet’s. Many dollars, bandages and steroids and antibiotics later, it would clear up.Then I started wondering if our dog walks during the hot summer sidewalks were burning his paws. Granted it was only his back paws, and I went to great lengths to walk in the shade, but I still wondered if he was getting burned. So I found Power Paws and put them on his back feet as soon as the weather got really hot, every time we walked outside. For the first summer ever, no licking of his pads. No raw and weepy rear paws. We go through them like crazy, as his nails poke through w/in the week, and though they’re expensive, this is much better than vets, pills, salves and bandages. — Sharon B & Petey (Whippet)


Wow, they sure look tiny in the package but, much like putting socks on a squirmy baby, I put them on my Standard Poodle. She tip-toed, what is this?, but after 2 minutes of play on the carpet I led her out onto the dreaded hardwood and voila, she didn’t slip and it seemed like she smiled! The rest of the day she looked happy, and when I took them off at bedtime she pouted like she was in trouble. Her arthritis is making her hesitate and skitter on the slippery floors, and now she is confident–not one slip! She keeps them on for quick “business” trips outside, but off they go when we go exploring. Upon our return, she lays down and waits for her socks. She is 65 pounds but dainty, and we got the Greyhound version with reinforced toes in a Large. They are wonderful! I don’t usually write reviews, but it has been such a drastic change for Morgan I just had to share, and say thank you. — Karen & Morgan (Standard Poodle)