Videos: See Power Paws in Action

We’d love to see your Power Paws videos! If you have one, let us know.


Power On Installation Tool Video

Our first “before” and “after” video. Watch Lil Bit Huebel slide without socks, then walk easily on a wood floor with Power Paws.

In our second “before and after” video, Fernando quickly adapts to his new Power Paws.

And in the TOTALLY CUTE! category, a boy and his dog…

The Pet Engineer gives Power Paws dog socks a five-paw review in this video where two children put Power Paws on their dog. Within two minutes, the dog has fully adapted to Power Paws.

A terrier gets up from a tile floor wearing Power Paws. See the related review of Power Paws in Senior Dogs Blog.

Roosevelt, a Pomeranian, has damaged vertebrae but can walk on wood floors with Power Paws. Check him out’s video.

Nina’s owner writes: “Nina tries out wearing dog socks for the first time. It doesn’t seem to affect her agility nor distract her from the task at hand. Why socks? In case the weather—more specifically the pavement—is too hot during the upcoming nose work trial.”

Watch our customer, Daisey, a Black labrador, walk on the hardwood floors in her new house after refusing to without Power Paws. Don’t miss a written review from Daisey’s owner, Craig, too.

A very short video of a tail-wagging dog wearing Power Paws non-slip dog socks:

Dog Quality’s Senior Dog Blog published a video demo of Power Paws for senior dogs in January 2010. published a review of Power Paws, including this great video demo, in January 2011.

A Power Paws customer writes: “Sheli is a 16 yr old Tibbie who needed some extra traction in the rear. So I ordered her these cool socks! They have tread on the bottom. She’s doing really well with them!”, and posted this video of Sheli in her Power Paws.