Woodrow Wear’s Mission Statement

Above all else, Woodrow Wear exists to extend the quality of life for dogs and their owners.
Woodrow, the dog, babysitting.In some cases, quality of life issues center around aging pets and their struggle to stand up or get around. To others, quality of life means fashion, and looking good. And in other cases, the quality comes from protection – protecting the dog from allergies, protecting his paws from extreme heat or cold, protecting the owner’s hardwood floor from scratches, or the dog’s paw from injury. No matter which of these issues you deal with each day, it is our intention to provide unique, affordable, viable solutions that improve the quality of your life, and that of your dog’s. As we expand to offer additional products, our quality promise will ensure that anything new will be both complementary to our existing products, and beneficial to your pet.


—Lorraine (and Woodrow)