Get the Right Size Power Paws

With the right size, the benefits of Power Paws dog socks will be beyond your wildest dreams! We will work with you to get that feeling! We offer 13 sizes across 2 distinct foot shapes enabling us to say “Power Paws fit virtually all dogs.”  We also have size guides by weight, breed, and foot print. Those size guides are good, but just as not all people in your family have the same size feet, not all dogs of a particular breed have the same size or shape feet!

Follow the 3 steps here:  shape, size, and then product line.

** First, choose your foot shape: Power Paws come in TWO foot shapes— Regular and Greyhound. Most dogs do wear our Regular shape.

Our Greyhound shape is not just for Greyhounds. It’s actually meant for all dogs with hare feet — simply long, skinny, “rabbit” shaped paws. Typical breeds with hare feet include Italian Greyhounds, Miniature Poodles, Whippets, Australian Shepherds, Standard Poodles and Greyhounds, PLUS often the back paws of working and herding breeds like Labs, Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Goldens, but any individual dog may have hare feet.

Link to Printable Footprint Size Guide in PDF** Second, choose your size: Power Paws come in 8 Regular sizes and 5 “Greyhound Edition”sizes.

Our weight and breed guides (below) and our printable foot print guides (to the right) can help give you the best fit for your dog.

Greyhound Poodle Size Guide Button

If you use the foot print guide, please be sure to 1) use the length/width measurements printed on the page, and 2) measure just the pad group on your dog’s paw.  Do not include the nails, the sides of the foot, the hair, etc.

Call with questions…we’re here to help!  877-737-3545.

Breed & Weight Guide for Power Paws REGULAR Foot Shape

Sizes for Non Slip Dog Socks

Our size guides are based on averages. Your dog’s feet may not fit the guides. For example, a 45-pound Basset Hound often wears an XL, not M as weight suggests, because Basset Hounds have large, wide feet.

Breed & Weight Guide for Power Paws GREYHOUND Foot Shape

Greyhound Poodle Size Guide


** Third, choose your durability level: We offer 3 generations of Power Paws, or as we like to call them, 3 durability levels.
– Power Paws: the original. Good enough for most dogs, and they DO go outside as well as inside. These are not being replaced, so not all colors are available in every size.  *Note: original Greyhound socks are gone, as are almost all of the colors in sizes Medium and Large.
– Power Paws Advanced. Our 2nd generation product. The patented reinforced toe has proven very beneficial to those dogs that need it. These are available in the six most popular colors, and in black in the Greyhound shape.
– Power Paws Reinforced Foot. The newest Power Paws product line. Designed for the most rugged outdoor uses, they wear longer on abrasive surfaces like pavement and sand because the whole foot has been reinforced.

Do I Have the Right Size?

Golden Lab on Wood StairsPower Paws look small, but stretch a lot. A loose fit will slide around the foot and not provide traction!

If the size is right, Power Paws will stay on when playing, climbing stairs, walking, etc. A proper fit is a snug, stretched sock allowing the elastic to hold the sock in place.

  • A good fit is snug.  You can put a finger in the sock.  It will stay in place while moving about.
  • The sock is too small if with your fingers inside to stretch the sock, you can’t put  it on your dog’s foot no matter how much you stretch it.
  • The sock is too large if it flops, falls off, sags.
  • The sock is close to fitting if it twists but doesn’t fall off immediately.  If it rotates so the grip is on the side or top of try the washing instructions on the Q&A page.  If this doesn’t help, call us for an exchange.

If you choose a size and it’s not right, we will exchange it for a different size for just a small postage/handling fee.  Please call customer service at 877-737-3545 for details and exchange instructions.