Senior Dogs

Power Paws socks for dogs are great for senior dogs who slip. Whether your dog simply needs a little more traction or suffers from arthritis, Power Paws can add joy to his life by letting him go where he wants (with you!).

You may need just one pair for the back paws or all four for all four paws. (Power Paws are packaged in a set of four socks.)

Here’s what some of our customers with senior dogs have to say about their dogs and Power Paws.

Molly the Golden Doodle in Non Slip Dog SocksMolly is 12 yrs. old and weighs 81 lbs. Over the last year, it has become increasingly difficult for her to navigate on tile and wood floors. Getting up and down has been a real challenge. We came across your site while searching for a solution to her mobility issues. I was skeptical about this “hospital style sock”, as those always seem to shift and turn on the foot and end up with the traction spots on the top, instead of on the sole where they do good. In the case of the Power Paws, I was somewhat pleased. The back socks stay in place, providing much assistance to Molly’s getting up and down. The front socks keep twisting around, ending up with a soft sock bottom, and being even more slippery than her paws. I think we’ll end up just using them on her back feet. She does look really cute in them :>) β€” Marcia & Molly (Golden Doodle)

Grace, the Golden Retriever, wears Power pawsFor the past 2 years, Grace, our now 13 old Golden Retriever was having a hard time getting up when she was on the hardwood floors in the kitchen and family room. Back paws slipping out from under her. We just installed hardwood in the entire downstairs. I was very concerned that she was going to slip even more.The socks came today (size large). For the first time in many years, she got right up with no slipping or wobble. She seems so much more confident and stable now. We have them just on her back paws to have her get use to the idea and don’t want her chewing on them. Golden’s are notoriously mouthy dogs. Grace and our family are so grateful for your product. I realize its only day one but what a difference these have made already. We will now make a “Woodrow Sock Drawer for her in the kitchen. Many thanks for help our dog better enjoy her “Golden Years”! β€” John & Grace (Golden Retriever)

Coco is a 15 year old girl who we adopted from a Lab Rescue eight years ago. She is part of our family, and she has actually doubled as a therapy dog for our son with autism.Coco is taking medication which has caused her to lose her muscle mass, and she now struggles to get up (our slick pergo flooring doesn’t help, either.) 2 weeks ago, she couldn’t be bothered to try to get up. That same day her Woodrow Wear Power Paws arrived in the mail. Although, they were a bit tough to get on, she immediately got up, and has been able to get up and about ever since. Coco’s Power Paws have dramatically increased the quality of her life, and our family is ever so grateful for them, and to have Coco padding around again πŸ™‚ Thank you to Woodrow & Lorraine!! β€” Karin & Coco Elizabeth (Chocolate Lab)

They’re great! My senior dog had such a hard time walking on the hard surface floors…he wouldn’t even come in the kitchen to beg. Now he has the confidence to go where he wants. Thanks Power Paws. β€” Aaron & Chase (Yellow Lab)
Brinks the Doberman in Power Paws SocksWe received the Power Paws yesterday. I had Brinks (13yo) lay down and I put them on him. They fit great. He took a few hesitant steps as he’s never had anything on his feet before and then he figured out he wasn’t slipping anymore! He was running around the house and actually smiling. Not only was he a lot more stable, but it was so quiet when he walked around as his nails weren’t clicking on the floor. When he lay down, we noticed how nice and warm his paws were (they’re normally cold). When we took them off, he was guarding them from the other dogs! β€” Alexi, Melaney & Brinks (Doberman)
Great Dane, Duke, uses Power PawsMy Great Dane Duke is 10 years old and having some of the difficulties you mention in your website. He lays down, but when he wants to move, he can’t get the traction he needs to stand up. I’m getting too old to pick him up. Power Paws gave my boy dignity, and movement, and me less back trouble. Thanks! β€” Dennis, Los Angeles, CA
Albi Wearing Power Paws Non Slip Dog SocksI had to let you know how much you helped my 11 year old boxer, Albi. After a recent stroke, he refused to use the tile stairs. An impossible situation as we live and sleep on different floors. He had little quality of life as we could only carry him down in a crate once a week. I dreaded the future until I came across your product. With his PowerPaws on, and the encouragement of a whole roast chicken, he walked down the stairs today!! It’s the first time in 2 months. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful invention.β€” Linda
 Bella the Dog in Green Power PawsWe got our Power Paws just in time for Christmas, which really helped our 14 year old Airedale, Sophie, enjoy the day much more! Wood floors just aren’t her thing. They made a real difference right away. Being in Wisconsin, there is a lot of snow outside so when she needed to go out, we just put some plastic foot covers made for dogs over her socks and it helped her to stay dry. Thanks much. β€” Nancy and Pete
NonSlip Dog Socks for Senior DogMy mom’s dog Hunter is turning 13 and has always had traction problems. He’s started falling down stairs and losing footing even on tile floors, and we just know he’s going to get seriously hurt. After a short adapting period, Hunter now loves his Power Paws socks. He lays down and puts his legs up waiting for the socks! He understands what the socks do for him, and won’t go far without them now. This product gives Hunter a confidence he’s NEVER had on slippery floors before, and I no longer worry about him falling down the stairs. Thank you!! β€” Kristin and Hunter
Finn, an Elderly Dog, Wears Power PawsReally helped on my wide cork floors! Wanted to thank you for the power paws and beautiful website showing other elderly dog caregivers. The socks increased Finn’s quality of life, and all the above helped me both physically and emotionally as well. β€” Kelly
Just wanted to let you know what a help those power paw socks have been for our almost 17 year old Jack Russell, Luger, on the wood floors. I have been telling my vet about it and will tell other friends. β€” Felicitas
Wow! What a wonderful policy you have! I work with Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio, a collie rescue group, and I will donate these packages to them. We have a rather robust seniors program and I am sure that many of our senior dogs will benefit from your socks. Just so you know, Conri (my HUGE 80 lb. male rough coat collie) has adjusted to wearing the socks with little fuss, which is just amazing! He licked at one paw a couple of times. I told him “No” and he quit, just that fast. Since his back surgery, he slips, trips, and falls on the hard floors in my house, and I could immediately see that he had much more sure footing as soon as I put the socks on him. β€” Tina
Bloodhound, Danny, a dog sock wearer.My Bloodhound Danny is just getting to the stage that he is slowing down. He is a retired police dog, and I try to keep him (and me) active. Power Paws allows him to move through the house on the tile and hardwood floors with ease. Thanks. β€” Dave, Modesto, CA
Scottie the SheltieI am so EXCITED having found Power Paws. They are EXACTLY what I have been looking for to help my 11-year old Sheltie Scottie. He has severe hip dysplasia and, on our hardwood floors, he has only his front legs to help him move around. Power Paws give him back his dignity! Thank you! -Nancy, West Chester, PA
Rottweiler, Woodrow, wearing our dog socksMy Rottweiler, Woodrow, stood up, and ran for the last four months of his life. Power Paws truly added to his life, but most importantly, to the QUALITY of his life. β€” Lorraine, San Jose, CA
Angel is a very large, mixed-breed dog. She is 16 years old, and unable to get around the tile floors in the house very well. We put Power Paws on her, and couldn’t believe the attitude change. She showed signs of her “old self” again – perky, moving around frequently, and an overall good disposition. Thanks for giving her more good times. β€” Faye, San Jose, CA
Cody is 14 years old. He gets around pretty well, but we just moved into a house with all hard wood floor. He was sliding around a lot, and we were concerned that he would break his hip. Since he doesn’t have a lot of years left, we thought this would be a bad way for him to go. I found Woodrow Wear online and we immediately ordered some (for him as well as our younger dog who doesn’t have the same issues as Cody, yet). When he wears them, he can walk around with no problems. He can run up and down the stairs on all fours instead of 2 feet and his butt. These work great!! Also, the company is AWESOME to deal with! We ordered the size to big, and the exchange on them was simple and effortless. Communication was perfect! The only problem we have with them is that we can’t hear Cody coming now! We would HIGHLY recommend them. One thing to note about the sizing guidelines though is if you have a dog that is a cross breed, order accordingly. Because he has part Shar-pei in him, his paw didn’t match the sizing guidelines (hence the no hassle return) β€” Julie & Cody (Lab/Shar-pei)