Dogs with Arthritis

Power Paws dog socks help keep dogs from slipping on floors, a frequent challenge for dogs with arthritis. Woodrow Wear’s Power Paws were created for Woodrow, Lorraine’s dog who suffered from canine arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Here’s how Power Paws helped Woodrow:

Power Paws really changed Woody’s life as his canine arthritis and hip dysplasia progressed. The very first time he wore them, the change was miraculous. He stood right up when I called him, looked around, then ran through the house – because he could! He got the puppy face look as he felt youthful and enjoyed the ability to move easily. — Lorraine (San Jose)

Here, some of our customers describe their arthritic dog’s experience with Power Paws.

Standard Poodle Morgan Wears Non Slip Dog Socks to the CafeWow, they sure look tiny in the package but, much like putting socks on a squirmy baby, I put them on my Standard Poodle. She tip-toed, eeoouuu, what is this?, but after 2 minutes of play on the carpet I led her out onto the dreaded hardwood and voila, she didn’t slip and it seemed like she smiled! The rest of the day she looked happy, and when I took them off at bedtime she pouted like she was in trouble. Her arthritis is making her hesitate and skitter on the slippery floors, and now she is confident–not one slip! She keeps them on for quick “business” trips outside, but off they go when we go exploring. Upon our return, she lays down and waits for her socks. She is 65 pounds but dainty, and we got the Greyhound version with reinforced toes in a Large. They are wonderful! I don’t usually write reviews, but it has been such a drastic change for Morgan I just had to share, and say thank you. — Karen & Morgan (Standard Poodle)
Our Tia has such a hard time on our laminate floors in the winter. Making matters worse we installed a pellet stove which dries out the house. Topping it off she has arthritis in her back and hips. I found Power Paws the other day and ordered two sizes, large, because she falls in the weight requirements, and XL because she’s a Shepherd. Well, the large are too small, but the XLs fit well. We might shrink them a little though as they will fall after a while. Immediately after we put them on Tia she started high stepping all over the house! It was beautiful to watch! She can go around corners without slipping and starts off like a pro! I’ll recommend these to everyone! Thank you! — Dean & Tia

Border Collie Tap Wears Non Slip Dog Socks to the Cafe“Tap is a lovely 8-1/2-year-old Border Collie who has back problems, is partially sighted, and is developing arthritis in his elbows. Bad combination on slippery floors! He’s more sure of himself with his anti-slip socks on and is enjoying going to his favorite cafe again! — Carina and Tap (Border Collie)Get the right size for your dog. We have 8 sizes!

 Bella the Dog in Green Power PawsIt’s rare when you find something on the Internet that delivers exactly what’s promised. Your Power Paws socks do that and more! Savannah is nearly 15 years old and suffers from arthritis, a bad back, bad knees (both have had surgery), and a bad right hip (previously dislocated). As such, she struggles on our tile floors. I stumbled on your product on the Internet, put them on her feet, and voila! She can now move with confidence (and yes…grace) again. Thank you for offering this pain-saving product. Here’s our little pumpkin in her favorite bedtime outfit. — Erica (Tampa)
My dog has arthritis and neuropathy. Because of Power Paws, I almost have my dog back! He wouldn’t leave the carpet because he fell constantly, but not with these socks on! He can walk on our tile and wood floors without slipping at all. Thank you! I’ll tell all my friends with dogs about them. — Mary Jo
Daisy in Power Paws Socks for DogsThank you. My Power Paws arrived today and I am so pleased with them. 15 year old Daisy suffers from arthritis, and our wood floors don’t help. I’m really happy to have found something that helps her stay upright! She looks smart in her groovy socks! Thanks again 🙂— Ronnie and Daisy

Non Slip Dog Socks for Samoyad with ArthritisOur vet suggested we try Power Paws for Klondike — our 11-1/2 year old Samoyed. He’s got arthritis in his hips and spine and your product has made a tremendous difference in his ability to walk around, stand from sitting or lying down. We’re more comfortable knowing he feels better. Your product is the best ever! And your customer service is excellent also!— Beverly

Charlie uses Power Paws for nerve damage in his paw.Charlie is 12 yrs old, he has some arthritis and some nerve damage in his right paw from a neck injury last year. I have hardwood throughout my condo with many rugs, Charlie just couldn’t manage the slippery floors, he was struggling to stand or sit. Yesterday with his socks he started running around and playing with his toys again…Hurrah for a solution! — Renee, Seattle, WA