Slipping on Hardwood Floors

Power Paws dog socks helps prevent dogs from slipping on floors and can protect your hardwood floors from scratches caused by your dog’s toenails (our Reinforced Toe sock is perfect for that).

In this case, put Power Paws on all four of your dog’s feet. (Power Paws are packaged in a set of four socks.)

Here, Power Paws customers describe how their dogs fared on their hardwood floors:

I was skeptical but these socks are awesome!! Just ordered more. I’m an 11 year old girl who was slipping and sliding on our hardwood floors. I’m old and hate change and/or anything new or different. I love my Power Paws! Got used to them in no time. I wear them all day but Mom makes me take them off at bedtime. Great product and super fast shipping.

Thank you!! Love, Sammy — G.I. & Sammy (Chow & Pit mix)


Beau the Border Collie Kelpie Mix wears Dog SocksBeau lookin’ stylish in his Woodrow Wear socks we purchased for him at the Bay Area Pet Expo. He never even had an adjustment period. Once we put them on he was up and running. Now that he doesn’t slip on the hardwood floors, he has super traction around the corners. Better get out of the way, Beau’s comin’ at about 150 mph!! And he can sneak up on us now…Ninja Beau. — Debbie and Beau (Border Collie & Kelpie mix)

Great Dane in No Slip Dog SocksMy 10-1/2 year old, Rupert, is in great shape, but was starting to have a little trouble with the hardwood floors. One day he did the “splits” when trying to get his ball, and scared the heck out of both of us! I finally found Power Paws with some research and ordered them, not expecting much.WOW! is all I can say. Rupert had no problem adapting to them immediately and literally stands there waiting for them to be put on in the morning now LOL.Thank you so much for the relief this has brought. I’ve already Tweeted and Facebooked this to all my friends with great response. Hope it brings you lots more business!! — Elizabeth & Rupert (Giant Schnauzer)
Milo the Pug in NonSlip Dog Socks, Power PawsThe socks arrived today… They are terrific! My little man couldn’t navigate the hardwood and now he’s able to walk and even pick up a little speed. The socks are a Godsend. 🙂 He had his first meal in his socks, standing without sliding, enjoying every bite! Thank you!— Josie and Milo
I ordered Power Paws for our 7 yr old blind Black Lab who is now sliding on our hardwood and wiping out on occasion. When ordering, I failed to notice that my PayPal account had an old address (I’m in the military so we move a lot). The socks had already shipped, but Lorraine reshipped to the right address free of charge immediately. Not only was our experience with the Woodrow Wear team very positive, Buscuit now has sure footing and is doing GREAT. A great product and a great company. Don’t hesitate to purchase from them! Thanks.
Bichon Frise in Traction Dog SocksPower Paws are a great product! The XS fit perfectly on my 17-pound Bichon. He does not fight me when putting them on and that is saying a lot as he does not like someone touching his paws. They were a slight challenge to put on the first time but it got easier each time and now it’s a breeze. They work great on the hardwood floors – he doesn’t slip at all. Once in a while I find a stray sock on the floor that somehow slips off, but he does not pull them off himself. Love them.
– Jim, Pat and Jasper

Daisey Wears Powers Paws on Wood FloorsJust moved to a new home with all hardwood floors. Daisey would NOT walk on them because she slipped every time. She’s young, but they scare her. Not any more! — Craig  Check out a video of this beautiful Black Lab walking on hardwood floors in her Power Paws on our Videos page.

After an injury to her rear leg Blondie was unable to walk on our hardwood floors without her paws sliding out from under her. A friend suggested Power Paws while Blondie is healing. Power Paws work great. Blondie loves them and we’ll continue to use them after her recovery. — Eric
I was looking for an alternative to the wheelchair phase which (unfortunately) leads to quality of life issues and hastens “the decision” on some dogs. I have been having very good success with the socks I received. We have tile and hardwood floors and he is getting around better. The smalls fit the corgi feet well and are just what they need. The other traction boots I have bought for him fit like hip waders on the short corgi legs. As a matter of fact, last night I saw him sitting in the middle of the floor struggling to stand. I asked him “what’s wrong?” and noticed his little socks had worked their way off after 2 days. I put them back on, and stood him up and off he went. They are being so handy. I also like that they come in a four pack. Since he only needs them on his back feet, that allows me to wash a pair while he wears the others (sometimes we walk through our puddles, and we need to change our socks before we come in the house). I will surely recommend your product. You are filling a much-needed gap in the quality of life of older dogs — Ann
Alli Wears Power Paws for TractionAlli loves her Power Paws. Wish I would have found them sooner!! They really help her on hardwoods!! (not really worried about the hardwoods) but I am worried about her front shoulders having to pull up the rest of her body. Traction really works!! If you are trying to make a decision on if you should buy these……..DO IT, Trust me your dog will love you for it!!! Thanks, Woodrow! — Patrick
Dog Sock WearerThank you so much for this wonderful product. Alexander loves them! He had such a bad time slipping on the hardwood floors. I worried all weekend that he’d not be able to go to my father’s house (or to other places he loves) ever again. With Power Paws, he can! Thank you.
-Lisa, San Diego, CA
Dog Sock WearerOur Vet gave us a pair of Power Paws to try, in hopes of increasing Sadie’s mobility on our hardwood floors. Sadie can stand up and lay down with much less pain and effort. Thanks for a great product.
-John, Calgary, Alberta
Dalmation puppy, Dani, a Traction Treads wearer.Danielle is my Dalmatian puppy. I have a lot of hardwood floors in my house that she likes to run across. The marks her nails leave in the hardwood floors trouble me – the floors look bad already, and I haven’t budgeted for resurfacing the floor. I put Power Paws on her, and we both feel better! Dani loves them, and with them on, there are no new scratches. Yea!! — Patricia, Milpitas, CA
Caly the Dog Stops Sliding on Wood FloorsCaly says thanks for the socks. She isn’t slipping on the wood floor anymore! They just came today and I thought she’d fight wearing them, but we slipped them on and she started walking around just fine. These will really come in handy at the vet’s office where they have really, really slick floors! — Letha and Caly
Great Dane in No Slip Dog SocksApollo, my two year old great Dane was having a hard time adjusting to our new hard wood floors but Power Paws gave him the confidence to get around, and no more falling, which for him is long way down. Apollo loves his socks and they match his eyes! — Kara
Power Paws for Rottweiler Who Slips on FloorsYour customer service goes well beyond my expectations! Attached is a picture of Reese, our 10 1/2 year old Rottie. Power Paws have made a big difference in her life. A few months ago, she started slipping all over the wood floor and she stopped sleeping in her bed because it is down a wood floor hallway. With Power Paws, she is sleeping in her bed again and more able to get around the house. I recommend Power Paws to owners of dogs with similar issues.
Tanya & Reece
My dog Dakota and I just wanted to thank you. We received the Power Paws today. Dakota is already wearing them on his back feet and it has already made a difference. He was able to plant those back feet and push himself up a lot easier than before when he was slipping around on the wood floor. Thanks so much!
-Rebecca and Dakota
Janna, the Boxer, in Power PawsI am happy with this product. At first our dog wanted them off and was trying to chew on them but when I put her on the hard wood floor and she noticed she had traction & left them alone. I do have to pull them up quite a bit, but for an old catered to boxer, I am more than willing. Attached is a photo of our fashion forward boxer Stella. — Janna & Stella