Dog Shoes vs Socks

Dog socks are easier to wear and more comfortable. Power Paws dog socks are the opposite of dog shoes and boots. Power Paws are light and breathable. They are made of elastic and cotton for comfort and fit, they are breathable, machine washable, and they conform to the dog’s foot.  They bend, so your dog can walk normally.  Power Paws use elastic to stay in place. Even the grippy material on the bottom is made for comfort… it will never get hard and it has no sand and no grit.

Shoes and boots, on the other hand, are heavy, bulky. They don’t usually fit well, they breed bacteria because they don’t breathe, they aren’t machine washable, and they rely on buckles, belts, or Velcro to stay on — and dogs do not like those.  In addition, they don’t bend, so your dog has to walk like Frankenstein.

Power Paws are the opposite of shoes: dogs adapt to them quickly and more than 95% of dogs like them!

Dog Sock WearerThe package arrived today! Rosie, my 6 1/2 yrs. old Shepherd with hip dysplasia is normally very difficult to fit for shoes, but these fit right out of the package. They’re wonderful. The rubber traction keeps her from sliding on my laminate flooring, and they really make her tail wag! (*_*)-Sue, Fairbanks, AK

Dog Sock WearerIndy is young, but still she used to slip on our tile floors. I’ve tried SHOES, but she HATES them. Power Paws are soft, and comfortable, and she truly feels stylish in them!-Cheryl, Boca Raton, FL

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