Giving Back

Woodrow Wear’s Charitable Activities

Woodrow Wear was founded to help dogs, and we do so in many different ways.  We give back to our local community and beyond. We support dogs and other animals when appropriate, as needed. See our testimonials, videos, and articles to learn about some of the cats, pot belly pigs, horses, and other animals we’ve gotten to help). We help non-profits, rescues, and shelters with their fundraising efforts. And we are happy to donate returned items to shelters and rescues.

*11/29/18 — Donations for California Fire Victims

Because of all the fires this month in our great state of California, and because we are also a California company, we wanted to do something special to help the animals hurt, burned, and otherwise affected by the fires here. This week, we sent 500 sets of Power Paws to veterinarians, Humane Societies, and Rescues that are helping the injured pets. We can’t do more without help, so at the request of some customers, we set up a GoFundMe page to help with product and shipping costs associated with these donations. If you would like to help, all proceeds received will go towards additional shipments. We expect to send another 500 sets this coming week. You can help us do that here.  THANK YOU!

Discounts and Donations

  • We provide a 10% product discount to active members of the military, police, and firefighting teams.
  • We provide Power Paws socks at a discount to Dog Rescues and Shelters.
  • We donate returned/exchanged Power Paws to local shelters, rescue groups, and pet charities.

** Call 877-737-3545 or 669-235-5029 to get the discount code or to inquire about donations.

Some of Our Recent Donations

** To request a donation for your group, please email We are actively seeking Giant breed rescues and shelters that may need some socks. Thank you!