How To Use

While our non-skid dog socks can be used to help dogs in many ways, proper care and use will prolong their life.

How to Put Power Paws On

Power Paws are easy to use. See how to put Power Paws non-slip dogs for socks on your dog in this 20-second video from Woodrow Wear.

Wearing Power Paws

Did I order the right size?

Looks can be deceiving! Power Paws may appear to be too small for your dog. Despite the appearance, please try one on your dog. You may be surprised at the amount they stretch.
  • The fit is good if you can put it on your dog and then put your finger in the sock. A proper fit is a snug, stretched sock allowing the elastic to hold the sock in place.
  • The sock is too small if you can’t stretch it enough to put  it on your dog’s foot.  Call to exchange for a larger size.
  • The sock fit is close if it rotates or takes a while to come off.  Try machine washing in warm water.
  • The sock is too big if it falls off quickly.  Call to exchange for a smaller size.

Our Power Paws Size Guide has detailed fit instructions. If you need a different size, please contact us for an exchange.

The guides can be confusing.  Is there another way to determine the right size?

Yes, there is!  Take a look at the bottom of the sock.  Compare the size of the grip pattern on the sock to the size of pad on your dog’s foot.  If the sizes are close, the sock should work.  If your dog’s foot pad is significantly larger than the grip on the sock, you may need a larger size sock.  If your dog’s foot pad is significantly smaller than the grip on the sock, you may need a smaller sock.

Will the Power Paws stay on?

Absolutely, if they are the right size! The cotton material was chosen for comfort. The elastic ensures a snug, custom fit that stays on.  With the right size, even a 3 year old lab, running, playing, and wrestling like a 3 year old lab can do, will keep her socks on because the elastic is stretched enough.

Will my dog keep them on?

Generally, yes!  Power Paws are so comfortable, dogs generally do not try to take Power Paws off.

Washing & Care Instructions

You may find that with the new mobility your pet has while wearing Power Paws, he or she won’t stop at the door long enough for you to remove them before venturing outside! You may also choose to take your dog outside wearing Power Paws (for protection in the snow, salt, heat, or as a layer of protection against allergens, like pollen, dust and grass).  When your Power Paws get dirty or wet, just throw them in the washer!

Power Paws can be washed just like clothes. We recommend permanent press or gentle cycle with cold water to avoid shrinkage. Dry on low heat or air dry, and your Power Paws will come out clean and good as new.

If you are trying to shrink your Power Paws because they twist, machine wash in warm water, then air dry.  If the fit is perfect, you are done shrinking.  If the fit is better, but not perfect, wash them on warm and dry on warm.  This stepped approach takes a little longer but is designed to give you the best fit.

How Long Do Power Paws Last?

A set of Power Paws can be worn daily for several months without any problem. They can be washed and dried many times (we suggest permanent press or delicate cycle with cold water, and air drying). See our Washing & Care instructions. Power Paws worn outside may need to be replaced more often.

Using Power Paws Outside

Outdoor use is not covered under our standard warranty, however, Power Paws are proving quite beneficial in both hot and cold outdoor conditions, and year ’round for dogs with allergies.  Outdoors, they will get dirty faster, and they may wear out faster, but for many people, the benefits of using Power Paws outdoors far outweighs the need to replace them more often! and in protecting dogs from allergens (dust, dirt, grass, pollen).

  • In the snow, put a couple coats of a waterproof spray (like Scotch Guard) on the socks.  When dry, enjoy the protection from frostbite, snow build up, ice cuts, and salt.  Reapply spray as needed after washing.
  • In extreme heat, as well as sand and hot pavement, Power Paws protect a dog’s feet from burns.  No extra spray or protection is needed on the socks.
  • For dogs with allergies, wear Power Paws while walking through dust, dirt, grass, or pollen, then remove them immediately upon returning home. The allergens are on the sock, NOT your dog.  The benefits are immediate, and your pup will not lick their paws or ingest what they are allergic to.

No matter how the need arises, wet or dirty Power Paws can be tossed into the washer.