Woodrow’s Story

Sometimes dogs choose us!
Woodrow in a food dish as a puppy.Woodrow’s dad was the Grand Champion of Germany. At six-weeks old, Woodrow and his brothers and sisters were playing in their mom’s owner’s yard – waiting for us to show up. When I sat down to play, Woody jumped into my lap, and stayed there. The owners said another family had claimed him, and I wasn’t looking for a dog anyway, so we went home. Three days later, the call came that he was available. We picked him up immediately.

Woodrow was my first dog. He was unique and very special. I say this because…

  • He was a lover, not a fighter. He got out a few times, and inevitably ended up at a house
    with cats. Rather than Woodrow attacking the cats, the cats attacked him. The owners always felt bad, and to apologize, gave him a porterhouse steak, a pizza, or some other wonderful treat. Woody quickly came to believe that getting out meant there would be a party.
  • He loved the vet, and the mailman. In fact, a visit to the vet’s office was more like a Charlie Brown and Snoopy reunion than anything else. They danced and greeted each other warmly. It was the same with the mailman — if  we had a package or mail that didn’t easily fit into the mailbox, the mailman brought it to our door. Of course he wouldn’t give it to us until he got to pet Woody on the head.

Woodrow dressed as a hockey player for Halloween.

  • He loved Halloween. He loved wearing costumes because when the kids came, they’d pat him on the head, and carry on about how cute he was. I tried to teach him to put candy in the kids’ bags, but he never quite perfected that trick. One candy went in, but FIVE candies came out!
  • He enjoyed outings in the truck. We quickly learned, however, that mountain roads got him car sick. No problem, we found a new place to cut Christmas trees.
  • He ate everything except black olives. He spit them out and the trail of olives always led to … him! We came to expect this if we shared food like a combination pizza, lasagna or salad.
  • He loved licking a Popsicle, an ice cream cone, watermelon, or a lollipop. He never bit into them, only licked to savor them as long as possible.
  • He loved Christmas time. Besides that HE got to choose the family tree each year, after it was decorated, he’d sit there for hours every day looking at his reflection in the balls. He’d move side to side, and watch his reflection go back and forth. And when he got tired, he’d tuck himself up under the tree like a present and take a nap.

Woodrow naps under the Christmas tree.

  • He was a “babe magnet”. Many of our friends, and our son, would take him to the park, or just for a walk, because the women always stopped to say what a cute dog he was. Woody loved the attention, and our friends found him to be an easy way to meet new people and get dates.
  • A very funny thing happened when Woodrow drank carbonated beverages. It didn’t matter if it was root beer, or regular beer…drinking carbonated beverages made his ears rise up. With his head down, while he was still drinking, Woody’s tail stub wiggled, and his ears rose like a magician’s magic trick. It was very funny!

Woodrow was an extraordinary dog. He did things other dogs don’t do, and he liked things other dogs don’t like. I was fortunate to have been chosen by him. It was an amazing 15 years. His life with us ended the way it started…in my lap! And I wouldn’t have had it any other way!!
Woodrow dressed as a hockey player for Halloween.
This company, and the products we offer, are now and will always be dedicated to Woodrow.

Power Paws really changed Woody’s life as his canine arthritis and hip dysplasia progressed. The very first time he wore them, the change was miraculous. He stood right up when I called him, looked around, then ran through the house – because he could! He got the puppy face look as he felt youthful and enjoyed the ability to move easily.

Woodrow quickly came to expect his Power Paws to be put on when he entered the house, and would wait at the door until someone pulled them on him.  If they were in the wash, he’d give me an indescribable look until I put a new pair on and he could move again.  Even at the vet’s office, more than once he laid down on the tile and couldn’t get up.  Then, with his Power Paws on and the style and grace of a model on a runway (watching the other dogs and their owners the whole time), he stood up and easily walked in to the exam room.

Woody and I are pleased to share his product with other dogs that struggle — because they all deserve quality, dignity, and movement in their lives.
Woodrow relaxes with mom, Lorraine.
If you are like me – concerned about your dog’s safety, health and happiness, I hope you turn to Woodrow Wear for Power Paws (and eventually other products too) that add quality to the life of your four-legged pal.

I hope each of you come to know the love of a dog like Woodrow.

– Lorraine (and Woodrow)

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