Power Paws (Greyhound Edition Foot shape)

** Greyhound Edition foot shape means the pad group on the bottom of the foot is far longer than it is wide. (If your dog has a more “square” pad group, meaning it’s about as long as it is wide) choose the regular foot shape products.)

Power Paws Advanced is our 2nd generation product. It was created for the 6-8% of dogs whose nails were poking through the end of original Power Paws. Our Advanced line is reinforced with extra stitching in the toe area – useful for dogs with long nails, or neurological issues, or any situation where the dog may be hard on the toe area. These sell for $24.99 per set of 4 socks.

If you need reinforcement past the toe area, see our reinforced whole foot products. They are our most durable solution, designed for rugged outdoor use, neurological issues where rubbing may be outside the toe area, and for wear on abrasive surfaces like sand, pool decks, etc. These sell for $29,99 per set of 4 socks.

All Power Paws come 4 in a package, have grip designed to aid in mobility and traction indoors, and protect against snow, allergens, and heat outdoors.

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Showing all 2 results