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We have 5 sizes of the Power On tool. Sizes are based on the size of sock your dog wears. *If you have not yet used our Power Paws socks, we can’t be completely sure of the tool size until we’re sure of the sock size. Use the weight guides, the breed guides, and the foot print guides as needed to determine the sock size.  We are not making this tool for XXL or XXXL sock sizes at this time. If your dog wears these bigger sizes, provide feedback if you would like this tool. 

Size #1 – fits XXS (regular shape), and XS Greyhound Edition
Size #2 – fits XS (regular shape), and S Greyhound Edition
Size #3 – fits S (regular shape), and M Greyhound Edition
Size #4 – fits M and L (regular shape) and L Greyhound Edition
Size #5 – fits XL (regular shape), and XL Greyhound Edition


Using the tool:  Watch the video to see how quick and easy putting the socks on can be.

  1. Verify that you have the right size tube. 
    1. Slide the tube over your dog’s paw. Be careful for the dew claw.
      1. If the tube fits, continue with “Step 2”
      2. If the tube does not fit over your dog’s paw, please call us at 877-737-3545 to exchange for a larger Power On size.
  2. Pre-load the tubes with the socks.
    1. Put a sock inside the tube. The toe goes in first. 
    2. Stretch the top of the sock over the top of the tube.  
    3. Slide the top down the tube until the toe of the sock is near the opening.
    4. Be sure you have enough exposed area on the tube to grab it with your fingers. In the case of Greyhound Edition socks, you MAY need to make space on the tube for your fingers by pushing (or sliding, or squishing) the top of the sock back up towards the top of the tube.
    5. Repeat until the tubes you need are loaded and ready. Tips: know where the front of the sock is, and load all socks the same. Being aware of this will help you put the socks on, facing the right direction, the first time. 
  3. Put the socks on your dog.
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#1 (XXS regular + XS Greyhound), #2 (XS regular + S Greyhound), #3 (S regular + M Greyhound), #4 (M and L regular + L Greyhound), #5 (XL regular + XL Greyhound)


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